The Attractions Pass, available through the Visit San'in Tourist Pass app, is perfect for helping you fully enjoy the wonders of the as-yet-unseen San'in area!

Features and Merits

  • Only pay once!

    By purchasing an Attractions Pass available with the Visit San'in Tourist Pass beforehand, you won't have to pay at every facility you visit, making your journey more convenient and affordable.

  • A convenient connection with Google Maps!

    It's linked with Google Maps, making it easy to look up location and access information.

  • Valid in so many places!

    Many popular spots in the San'in area are included in this Attractions Pass.

Who should use the Visit San'in Tourist Pass?

  • Overseas visitors to Japan and foreign residents of Japan

    Visit San'in Tourist Pass is a service for overseas visitors to Japan and foreign residents of Japan.

  • People with regional transportation passes

    Transit passes are not included in the Visit San'in Tourist Pass, so we recommend that you use one of the following passes for your convenience.



(24 hr) pass

3,000 yen
for adults (12 yrs and older)

1,500 yen
for children (6 to 11 yrs)



(72 hr) pass

6,000 yen
for adults (12 yrs and older)

3,000 yen
for children (6 to 11 yrs)


  • 1. Download the app.

    First, let's download the free smartphone app.

  • 2. Select the length of your pass and purchase it.

    Select the Attractions Pass, choose the type and amount of passes, and the date when you want to start using them, the click the "Purchase" button.

  • 3. Use your pass and enjoy the benefits!

    Then all that's left to do is use your pass and enjoy it! You can use your Attractions Pass as many times as you like at every facility or experience where it is accepted.

Once you download the free app, you can look up appealing content within the target areas. All you need to do is purchase a pass once you feel like using one in your travels.


  • Q

    Is it possible to cancel a pass after purchase?

    Basically, as long as it is before the date of use, it is possible to cancel an Attractions Pass. (Cancellation fees will apply.)

  • Q

    What systems does the app work with?

    Android Version 7 or higher. iOS version 12 or higher.

  • Q

    How do I use an Attractions Pass?

    Using this app, please scan the QR code on display at the entrance to tourism facilities and other applicable locations. A confirmation screen will be displayed, which you can then show to the facility staff.

  • Q

    Why is the period of usage for an Attractions Pass displayed as hours?

    You need to input the starting time of use for your pass. The period of usage will start counting down from that time. For example, if you buy a 3-day (72 hr) Attractions Pass, and set it to start at 9:00 AM on April 1, that pass will be valid until 9:00 AM on April 4.

  • Q

    Who can I contact with questions about the Visit San'in Tourist Pass?

    Any questions can be directed to the San'in Inbound Organization at the following e-mail: (In some cases, it may take some time to get a reply.)