Tottori Dunes

Tottori Dunes(Tottori Sand Dunes / Uradome Kaigan Coast / Sand Museum)

One of San’in’s eastern coastline’s main features is the Tottori Sand Dunes, one of the largest sand dunes in the entire country. The scale there is so big that it contrasts against the normally compact geographic features of the area, giving you a sense that you may not be in Japan anymore. The wind sweeping in from the sea creates fascinating wave patterns on the dunes as well.

Going a little further east brings you to the Uradome Kaigan Coast, whose features have been carved out by the rough waters and winds of the Sea of Japan. Of course, you can enjoy the beauty of this natural museum from the shore, but there are boat tours and sea kayaking experiences available for those who want to get a view from the sea. And speaking of museums, Sand Museum, located near the Tottori Sand Dunes, is the only museum of its kind in the world. Its magnificent sculptures, made from only sand and water, are sure to amaze any visitor.

Basic Information

Tottori Sand Museum

2083-17 Fukubechō Yuyama Tottori-shi, Tottori-ken 689-0105



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To The Sand Museum from Tottori station Bus Stop¥370