West Onsen

West Onsen(Hot Springs – West San’in)

Western San’in, famous for its rich culture of kagura, also has a wide variety of unique hot springs. Yunotsu Hot Springs in Oda City is part of the broad cultural landscape of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, which was designated a World Heritage Site in 2007. The narrow streets lined with various hot spring hotels create a unique atmosphere that is augmented by the steam rising from the waters of the springs themselves.

Further west in Gotsu City is Arifuku Hot Springs, simple alkaline hot springs whose clear waters are famed for providing those who soak there with beautiful skin. Also, if you time your visit just right, you may be able to augment your trip with a performance of Iwami Kagura, which is performed there one or two Saturdays a month. In the southern part of Hamada City is Mimata Hot Springs, whose waters are regarded as having some of the best spring quality in the entire country. A soak in the waters here will leave your skin feeling smooth as silk. All three of these hot spring districts have a traditional feel to them that any visitor will surely enjoy.

Basic Information

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To Yunotsu Onsen from Yunotsu station

To Arifuku Onsen from Hamada station

To Mimata Onsen from Hamada station

To Yunotsu station from Matsue station¥1,490

No nearby train station around Arifuku Onsen

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No nearby bus stop around Yunotsu Onsen

To Arifuku Onsen from Hamada station¥760

No nearby bus stop around Mimata station