When to Visit


Mar - May

In the spring, the weather is mild, and there are shrines, temples, and parks throughout San’in where you can take part in the spring tradition of hanami, cherry blossom viewing parties.

Average temperature (℃)About 18°C/64°F

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Jun - Aug

As San’in is a region surrounded by mountain ranges, the breezes that blow through here take the edge off of the summer heat. You can also go to swimming in the Sea of Japan, where the summer waters are calm and relaxing.

Average temperature (℃)About 26°C/79°F

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Sep - Nov

You can enjoy the fall season by heading out into nature to enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage, or by sampling some of the region’s unique crab cuisine.

Average temperature (℃)About 25°C/77°F

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Dec - Feb

The San’in winter scenery is beautiful, and the hot springs throughout the region will warm your body and spirit. Taking part in some winter sports on the slopes of Mt. Daisen is also highly recommended.

Average temperature (℃)About 8°C/46°F

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