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The Geopark areas of Shimane and Tottori prefectures are a living museum of geography, geology, and stunning scenery—and you can bathe, snorkel, cruise, dive, and trek through it all. Within these specially managed landscapes lie the Sea of Japan’s stunning Uradome coast, the bucket-list Tottori Sand Dunes, the entire Shimane Peninsula, the spectacular Oki Islands, secluded white-sand beaches, the country’s largest estuary, and some 50 coastal fishing villages, all waiting to be explored. There are also two revered shrines deeply tied to Japan’s creation myths. The whole family can learn about nature, history, culture, and environmental protection while having plenty of outdoor fun, and the cliffs, capes, sea caves, dunes and clear-blue waters promise one photogenic moment after another. Book a minshuku guesthouse for a characteristically warm welcome and lovingly prepared feasts, or stay in a contemporary boutique hotel for upscale island gastronomy—either way you will enjoy the best seafood hauled into port each day.


Explore the Origins of Japanese Culture

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  • FOOD
  • SPOT
  • Activity

    Walk the scenic cliffside coast

  • Spot

    Photograph an ancient rock formation lit by the sun

  • Accommodation

    Stay in a beautifully designed boutique getaway

  • Activity

    Glide through crystal-clear waters in a transparent kayak

  • Activity

    Get that perfect shot with tips from a photographer guide

  • Spot

    Explore the beautiful Uradome coast by land or sea

  • Food

    Pick your own Japanese pears in season

  • Activity

    Trek by land and sea on an ecotour of the Oki Islands

  • Accommodation

    Stay in a traditional house on a secluded bay

  • Spot

    Visit a historic Shinto Shrine nestled in a peaceful fishing village

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