Mt. Daisen

(Mt. Daisen / Daisenji Temple / Ōgamiyama Shrine)

Mt. Daisen stands tall against the skyline south of Yonago City. It can be seen as far away as Matsue and adds a true natural beauty to the scenery of the area. Its changing features throughout the year, from the fresh greenery of springtime to the colorful leaves of autumn, draw visitors from around the country. The view of the Sea of Japan from the peak of the mountain in the summer, or from the ski slopes in winter, is a truly amazing view for all who get to see it.

However, it is not just the natural beauty of Mt. Daisen that appeals to people. It also has a long history as a center of faith in San’in. Midway up the mountain is Daisenji Temple, which, from the Heian Period (late 8th century) onward, functioned as a temple where Buddhist priests could carry out their training. It has a wonderful collection of Buddhist artwork that is available for viewing. From there, you can take the stone-paved path that continues further up the mountain to Ōgamiyama Shrine, one of the largest examples of Gongenzukuri Shrine architecture in the country.

Basic Information

9 Daisen Daisen-chō, Saihaku-gun, Tottori-ken 689-3318

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  • Car

    30 min by car from Yonago station
    by approx 30 min

  • Train

    No nearby train station

  • Bus

    To Daisenji Bus stop from Yonago station
    JPY 720
    by approx 52 min