East Onsen

East Onsen(Hot Springs – East San’in)

The hot springs scattered throughout eastern San’in have an atmosphere and ambience that call back to a more traditional time. Iwai Hot Spring boasts of a history of more than 1300 years, making it the oldest host spring in San’in. Many of the baths there use fresh natural water that flows directly from the source.

Further to the west are Hawai and Tōgō Hot Springs, two areas located along the shore of Lake Tōgō. The evening scenery there is breathtaking, with the lights of the hot spring districts reflecting off of the surface of the lake. Enjoying a soak in an outdoor bath there, while listening to the lake water lap at the shore, is a simple pleasure that all should enjoy. If you head into the mountains to the south, you will find Misasa Hot Springs, with its natural radium spring water. Enjoying a soak here, at one of the world’s finest radium springs, is the perfect way to relax after climbing nearby Mt. Mitoku.

Basic Information

4 Chome-411 Aioichō Tottori-shi, Tottori-ken 680-0805



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