Hori Garden

Hori Garden(The beautifully artistic personal garden of the esteemed Hori family in Shimane)

Enjoy the beauty of the traditional Japanese architecture of this luxurious noble residence, surrounded by an elaborately curated garden masterpiece, built more than 200 years ago. The elegance of this property was created over several years with the intention of highlighting both the beauty of the dwellings and the beauty of nature. Moss-covered stone lanterns line the foot paths among the vibrant maple trees, and a wooden bridge spans over the pond, showing marvelous reflections of the lush landscape.

Flaunting their brilliant colors of yellow, orange and red, these Japanese maple leaves give a splendorous contrast to the surrounding green mountains, reminding us of the deepening of autumn.

Basic Information

795 Muraki, Tsuwano, Kanoashi District, Shimane 699-5622



From Iwami Airport

The closest station is Tsuwano Station. From here, take a bus.

From Tsuwano Station