Ishitani Residence

Ishitani Residence(The real Japanese house)

The town of Chizu, in the southeast corner of Tottori, was once home to the largest post station of the Tottori Fiefdom. One of the major features of this town is the Ishitani Residence, an enormous household constructed during the Edo Period. It is regarded as a superb example of Japanese architecture, and has been designated as a national Important Cultural Property.

The size of the grounds and the sheer number of rooms are a testament to the economic power of the family that resided here. It is now open to the public, with various handicrafts and works of art on display for visitors to enjoy. Also, the spacious Japanese garden here is one you can really take your time appreciating. No rush, no big crowds, just an opportunity to savor the unique beauty and tranquility that can only be provided by a traditional Japanese garden.

Basic Information

Ishitani residence

396 Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture 689-1402



From Tottori station to Ishitani residence

To Chizu station from Tottori station( 12 min by foot from Chizu station)¥1,850

No nearby bus stop