iwami kagura

Iwami Kagura(Kagura dance)

Kagura is a collection of dances and music that originally began as rituals performed by shrine priests at shrines dedicated to local deities. Kagura was performed to give thanks for bountiful harvests during annual fall festivals. However, following the Meiji Restoration in the mid-1800s, kagura was passed along to local residents, and performances became traditional folk art.

The kagura performed in the Iwami region of western Shimane Prefecture differs from more typical kagura performances in that it has a faster tempo, as well as elegant dances and costumes. The performances are often based on mythology and are accompanied by music using small and large drums, clapping, and wooden flutes. Some even include fireworks. As such, Iwami Kagura, while remaining in many ways traditional, is evolving into more modern styles of performance.

Iwami Kagura Performance Viewing (Click here)
While in Yunotsu Hot Spring, you can experience and appreciate the sacred Japanese dance and ritual called Kagura. This is a set plan which includes lodging at a hot spring.

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