Mt. Daisen Eco Tours

(Get to know Tottori’s tallest mountain)

Mt. Daisen is known locally as the sacred mountain where the Japanese god of fire resides. A variety of eco-tours are offered at this ancient volcano to explore this mystical summit. For those interested in the religion and history of the area, why not take a tour from the Daisen Tourism Organization? You can stop at temples that have remained there for hundreds of years along the way.

For those interested in the natural beauty of the mountain, you can also enjoy guided hikes and visits through the ethereal environment where tranquility, peace, and energy live in harmony and your wishes are fulfilled. Given its revered natural beauty, the entire mountain of Daisen is known as a spiritual spot and provides stunning views over the beech forests and Sea of Japan from the summit.

Basic Information

Daisen 45-5, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori

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  • Car

    From Yonago Station
    by approx 45 min

    by approx 45 min

  • Train

    The closest station is Yonago Station. From here, take a bus.
    by approx 45 min

    by approx 45 min

  • Bus

    8 daily Nikko buses depart from Yonago Station to Mt.Daisen
    by approx 45 min

    by approx 45 min