Mt. Sanbe

(Mt. Sanbe)

Mt. Sanbe is a towering active volcano in central Shimane Prefecture that has been designated as part of the Daisen-Oki National Park. In Japan, national parks are nature parks directly managed by the national government, and places that receive such a designation represent the rich natural scenery of Japan.

The mountain slopes are relatively gentle, and there is also a chair lift for tourists. This allows even beginners to take their time to enjoy the surrounding scenery as they climb the mountain. From the peak, climbers can gaze out upon a spectacular 360-degree view of both mountains and sea. Also, Mt. Sanbe has many meadows, so you can enjoy camping on the mountainside, and many people bring their pets along with them when they come to enjoy a day at the mountain.

Another important characteristic of Mt. Sanbe is that the natural beauty is not just on the mountain itself, but it also spreads out into the surrounding areas as well. The Mt. Sanbe Natural Forest is a forest so abundant that it has been designated as a natural monument by the national government. Also, as Mt. Sanbe is an active volcano, there are several hot spring that can be found around the mountain, and you can soak your cares away after a day of climbing or camping on the mountain.

The road that winds around Mt. Sanbe through all of its rich natural beauty is perfectly suited for a drive. You can enjoy a wide variety of activities all while you feel the sun shine down on you through the gorgeous greenery of the mountain. The Sadame no Matsu (“Guidepost Pine”) which stands beside that road is a huge pine tree that is 400 years old, and it presents a grand figure as it dominates its surroundings.

You can enjoy the brilliant and colorful foliage in the fall, and skiing in the winter, so Mt. Sanbe has something for you to enjoy all year round.

Basic Information

Sanbecho Shigaku, Oda, Shimane 694-0222

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