(Sakaiminato Fishing Port)

As a major fishing port here in San’in. Sakaiminato boasts the highest catch volume of both tuna and red snow crab in the entire country. Guided tours of the port are available year-round. Guests on this tour can get a look inside areas of the marketplace where the general populace is not usually permitted, as well as learn more about the port and the fish that are bought and sold here.

If you time things right, you can even see the catches being brought in from the ships and being bid on. At the nearby public market, each day’s catch lines the display areas of each shop, and the professional staff there are always happy to provide visitors with a small bit of trivia or a recipe.

Basic Information

255-3 Takenouchidanchi Sakaiminato-shi, Tottori-ken 684-0046

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  • Car

    60min by Car from Yonago Kitaro Airport
    by approx 60min

  • Train

    To Sakaiminato station from Yonago station
    JPY 320
    by approx 46min

  • Bus

    To Shiyakusho Iriguchi bus stop from Sainoki-Nakahama bus stop
    JPY 220
    by approx 10min