Scuba Diving at Oki Islands

(Dive into Shimane’s coastal culture)

The Oki Islands are located off the coast of Shimane Prefecture in the Sea of Japan and consist of about 180 islands in total, four of which are inhabited. The sea’s relatively shallow waters make for an exciting diving experience for beginners and veterans alike. The usually cold waters around the island are met by the warm Tsushima Current making the plant and fish life around the Oki Islands diverse and unique. The rocky sea bottom is covered with Japanese seaweed and home to a diverse array of fish which swim together to make for an unforgettable dive.

Scuba diving schools can be found on the four major islands of the Oki with diving lessons in English and Japanese. Dogo, the largest of the four islands, has some of the most accessible diving spots while the smaller islands of Nishinoshima and Nakanoshima have some of the most interesting sea life in the area. It’s hard to go wrong with so many diving spots so easily accessible around these beautiful islands.

Basic Information

3078-12 Mita, Nishinoshima Town
+81 8514 6 0825

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