Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography

Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography(Admire the photographic works of Shoji Ueda)

The Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography exhibits the works of Shoji Ueda, a photographer from Tottori Prefecture. Shoji Ueda is one of the most remarkable Japanese photographers in the world. His photographs are widely known in France—the birthplace of photography—as "Ueda-cho (Ueda style)." This describes his way of arranging his subjects as if they were objects, using the sky, horizon, and sand dunes of the San-in region as a background.

The building was designed by architect Shin Takamatsu and features four towers, three ponds, and large curved walls. The building overlooks Mt. Daisen, and on a clear day, the reflection of the mountain on the three ponds is a beautiful sight.

Basic Information

353-3 Sumura, Hoki-cho, Saihaku District, Tottori, 689-4107



From Daisen Kogen Smart Interchange on the Yonago Expressway

From Mizokuchi Interchange or Yonago Interchange on the Yonago Expressway

The closest station is Kishimoto Station. From here, take a taxi.

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