The Izumo Museum of Quilt Art

The Izumo Museum of Quilt Art(Experience Japanese style quilting)

Izumo Museum of Quilt Art is the first and only museum dedicated to quilts in Japan. The museum was created by Mutsuko Yawatagaki, one of the most famous quilters in the country whose work has been put on display in museums internationally. It holds an ever-changing display of her works. The exhibits feature Yawatagaki’s beautifully realized quilts made from antique Kimono fabric in color themes that match the season at the time with white and cooler colors for the winter and reds or brighter colors for the summer months.

The quilts are displayed, not by themselves, but as part of larger installations using the environment around the old-style Japanese house the museum was established in. Each installation is set up alongside matching Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, displays to complete the aesthetic of the season. Being operated by Mutsuko Yawatagaki directly, this museum is a pure expression of her quilting art.

Basic Information

Fukutomi 330, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, 699-0642



From Izumo Airport

From JR Naoe Station

From Hikawa Interchange

From Unshu-Hirata Station on the Ichibata Electric Railway

The closest station is Naoe Station. From here, take a taxi.

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