Shussai-gama (Shussai Kiln)

(Arts and Crafts in San-in)

With the goal of bringing the art of pottery to a wider audience, five Japanese potters founded Shussai-gama pottery in 1947. In a time where pottery was viewed more for consuming food than as a form of art, Shussai-gama stood out and grew in popularity with its goods influenced by the Mingei folk art movement.

Now the studio is run by the children and grandchildren of the original founders, but the unique artistic style remains the same. Enjoy observing the traditional methods of using wood fired kilns, hand spinning bowls and plates, and using traditional dyes firsthand. Take home some of the vibrant blue pottery from the crafters themselves. While the pottery is beautiful and colorful it remains practical and can be used in any home as decoration or tableware. Shussai-gama provides an opportunity to see up close where one of Japan’s most beloved forms of artistic pottery is made.


3368 Shussai, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane-ken 699-0612

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