A Day Trip with Warm Local People

(Exploring Chizu with three cheerful ladies )

Hi, I’m Nanako, a Tomodachi Guide in the Yazu Area of Tottori!
On one Saturday in November, I had a great time with our guests and local people in Chizu.
This time, we had three guests who are originally from the US, France, and Trinidad.
I will share two of the places we visited on that day, a bakery called Talmary and a restaurant called Mitaki-en.

We visited Talmary as our first destination in the morning.
When we were enjoying a cup of coffee and some bread, the couple who run this place came to us and warmly welcomed us. They showed us their flour mills and beer tanks, and explained how they make the beer and the bread! It was an amazing experience.

They even let us try their four kinds of beer, as our guests really liked their beer they had had earlier.
All of our guests found their favorites and got some for their homes, along with some bread.
One of the guests usually doesn’t drink beer, but she loved their beer so much that she got a bottle!

Next, Mitaki-en is a restaurant in a forest surrounded only by nature.
The lady in the center of the picture is the owner of the place, and she also warmly welcomed us. Our guests were surprised at how well she speaks English and how open-minded she is.

She let us try making tea the traditional Japanese way, and the ladies could experience Japanese hospitality. They tried pouring boiled water into a teapot, and then into teacups. The owner talked to us about her life and her way of thinking while having tea. It was a slow, relaxing time, only for us, in the middle of nature.

I was glad to feel that the guests really had a great time. They went home with bags of souvenirs and memories. We promised to see each other when we have the chance to visit where each member of the group lives, and I hope it happens soon!

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