A Special Communication

(Through the lunch time)

Hi‼ My name is Rodger Hiro. I’m one of the guides in the San’in area.
From now, I want to talk about Ooe Valley Stay, one of my favorite places to be a guide at in the Yazu area. In this trip, we visited this place last.
It was so great. Let’s check it out!!

Today was very cloudy but my guests were like two suns. We were laughing all the time during the trip. We talked about the background of why they came Japan, how they feel about Japan and culture, and I also learned that one of my guests loves Japan, often comes to Tottori, and enjoys eating crab.

We visited Ooe Valley Stay to eat lunch. In this place, you can enjoy products from Tottori like Tottori beef and Tenbiran (a brand of egg). Today’s guests could eat raw eggs, so they ate Hitsumabushi and Oyakodon. The foods was so delicious and made us feel happy.

This picture was taken outside of Ooe Valley Stay. I wanted to sleep in one of the fluffy beds here because I could imagine what it must be like at night with the wind outside. The guests also said they wanted to sleep here.
Steve (one of the guests) said he wanted come back here with his wife to help her feel relaxed and enjoy how time passes slowly here.

This place isn’t only fun and relaxing, with tasty dishes and nice facilities, but it also makes it easy for us to talk about ourselves. So, if you come here, I suggest coming with new friends, just like we did. You may discover a new side of your friends and deepen your relationships.

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