Dreamland in San’In

(Awesome dishes and a cozy atmosphere)

Hi‼ My name is Rodger Hiro. I’m one of the guides in the San’in area.
From now, I want to talk about “Tanoshi”, one of my favorite places in Yazu District where I have guided people before. This place was like a wonderland.
Let’s check it out!!

This picture was taken with the owner of Tanoshi.
She said that she wanted to create a restaurant filled with art made from junk in the storehouse there.
If you come here, you will understand what she said, because everybody can find furniture made from junk in this restaurant.

Please look at this plate!! This is one of the dishes available in Tanoshi. At lunch time, you can eat gibier (wild game meat) dishes.
Actually, it was first time for me to eat gibier dishes, but the taste was awesome.
The guests also said it was tasty, and I suggest that all people try these dishes.

Traditional things and current fashion are combined in this restaurant. If you have chance to come to the Yazu area in the future, you can feel a strange sensation, like you have traveled through time. In my opinion, if you want to experience something rare and unique, Tanoshi would be a great choice for a place to visit.

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