Dreamland in San’In Area

(From the first visit to Talmary)

Hi‼ My name is Rodger Hiro. I’m one of the guides in the San’in area.
From now, I want to talk about “Talmary”, one of my favorite places in the Yazu area.
Actually, this is the first time that I visited here, but it was so amazing.
Let’s check it out!!

This is the picture of the bread which is sold in Talmary.
The character of these breads are their ingredients. All their breads are made from natural yeast.
They also brew beer here, and their beers are made with natural yeasts too.
I tried them before, and they were so delicious, and the fragrances were awesome. Especially, my favorite product of theirs is their beer. I tried two bottles this time, so next time I need to try the other two bottles.

Ms. Aileen also likes the bread in this shop. This picture is from her second time on this tour. Every time she comes to Talmary, she buys a lot of bread. I can understand why every time she wants to buy a lot.
If you come to the Yazu area, it’s worth visiting!!

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