Let’s Play in the Snow

(Do you wanna build a snowman?)


I’m Aisa, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area!
“Tomodachi” means “friend”.
I love to show Tomodachi the charm of my favorite local towns.

I took 4 people, 3 mom friends and 1 of their children, to Daisen.
Today I’d like to show you how we enjoyed the snow in the Morinokuni Forest Kingdom.

They wore Chinese dresses for this tour!
The contrast between the white snow and the black dress complements their dresses. It’s beautiful, isn’t it??

The dress design is the same, but the sleeve styles are different, and each dress has its own personality!

It was a heavy snow day, so we took pictures in the snow, enjoyed sledding, and made a snowman.

They are not able to see much snow in their town, so they enjoyed the snow, although it was very cold.

Next, to warm up our cold bodies, we went to Manai Seseragi Rrestaurant and ate soba noodles.

The dashi was very rich!
This restaurant’s parfaits have become very famous on social media, so many people came to eat parfaits, even in winter.

Let’s go eat parfaits together next time!

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