The Beginning Winter

(A beautiful contrast between snow and autumn leaves)


I’m Aisa, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area!

“Tomodachi” means “friend”.

I love to show Tomodachi the charm of my favorite local towns.


Today Natsuki and I guided two men around Daisen.

They are our colleagues from the same company, and they have been to San’in several times for work, but this was their first time to go sightseeing

We enjoyed chatting like friends, and we didn’t feel as if we had met them for the first time.

Anyway, their jokes were so funny so I was laughing during the tour and I can still smile just by looking back at the pictures.

It hadn’t snowed much on Daisen on that day, so when we found a little snow on the top of Daisen (as you can see in the picture), we were overjoyed. We felt like kids.

Today’s tour highlight was “Hongu Springs”!

We were fascinated by the beauty of the clean water and the scenery of the carpet of autumn leaves, and as we were enjoying the scenery, we happened to meet a local resident!

They came to gather water from the spring, and they use that water for their coffee. That’s cool!

We talked about wanting to live a lifestyle like that, and then left “Hongu Springs”.

In early December, Daisen is a place where you can discover snow and small remnants of autumn like in the picture, and enjoy a relaxing trip through the natural landscape.

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