An Unforgettable Cultural Experience in Okuizumo

(Just like being in their hometown )


I’m Natsuki, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area!

“Tomodachi” means “friend”.

I love to show people from other countries around the area where I live and that I love, and I enjoy designing trips for them that connect them to local residents.

Today, I’d like to share with you an experience I had guiding a Vietnamese couple.

There is a house in Okuizumo called “Ooe-no-sato residence” where you can stay in a private room.

It is over 250 years old, and you can have farm experiences with local residents here depending on the season.

On this tour, we made Onigiri (rice balls) with local residents for our lunch.
Our hosts, who live in Okuizumo, were Takeshi-san and Naoko-san.

They kindly taught us how to make Onigiri.

Thanks to them, even though it was the first time for my guests to make Onigiri, they were really good at making it!

The rice cooked in a clay pot is so delicious!

Once you have one bite, you cannot stop eating.

After we made our own Onigiri, we had Onigiri with Nishime cooked by Takeshi-san and Naoko-san. Nishime is a local food in Okuizumo which is made from wild plants.

Look at her face! She is so excited to experience local food.


If you want to experience local things, your best choice is to visit “Ooe-no-sato residence”.

Why don’t you come to Okuizumo to have a great cultural experience with local residents?

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