Speaking of accommodations in San’in, since destinations in San’in are spread out across a broad area, a two/three-night stay would be the perfect amount of time to enjoy San’in. Stay in San’in for several days and travel the region, retracing its history and ancient Kami (Shinto Gods) myths. Or choose a shorter trip and visit the number of highlighted destinations in San’in. In addition to a variety of hotels, ryokans (traditional hotels), and guesthouses to choose from, you can also tailor your trip to include things such as food, onsens, according to what’s essential for your journey.


A ryokan is a traditional type of Japanese hotel with an elegance that makes you realize the depth of Japan's traditions, zen customs, splendid architecture, and even touches of Japanese history. One ryokan with a natural radon hot spring was introduced in the 100 best scenery of Japan. A number of great Japanese writers and even the Japanese imperial family stayed in luxurious ryokans while visiting San’in.


There are hotels that are conveniently located approximately 2-3 minutes by foot from the station. The hotels are reasonably priced, clean, and comfortable. You can enjoy breakfast made using local ingredients from the area, as well as relax in a large public bath or hot springs, and more. There are various types of hotels available to stay at. Whether you are traveling by yourself or in the area for a long stay, you can find a hotel that is suited for your trip.


There may not be a lot at the moment, but you can find small simple guesthouses. While staying at one, you may even discover some of the deep and mysterious charms of San’in. The charms of San’in can be found in the people and their every day lives. You can experience first hand the daily lives of those living in the area by interacting with, talking, and exchanging information with the owners and residents.

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