Chilling out in Daisen

(The relaxing nature of Daisen)

Hello! I’m Tomoko, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area. “Tomodachi” means friend.

I love to show people from other countries around the area where I live, just like we were already good friends. Today I’d like to share with you an experience I had guiding people from the US and the Philippines in February of 2021.

Healthy Lunch together (At Sanrakusou)

You can enjoy shōjin ryōri at this temple. Shojin ryōri is a dish that prepares and calms your mind. It is made from vegetable ingredients, not animal ingredients. The vegetables and beans that imitate sashimi are very healthy and beautiful.

Our guests were surprised, saying, “There are 12 dishes in all!”

There was flower tempura too. They were impressed to see the same flower in the room. It is unique to this place that you can eat seasonal dishes.

Relaxing around the spring

There are many natural springs around the Daisen area.

We took a leisurely walk around and had a tea-time break.
The first spring we saw was the “Hongu no Izumi” spring. The algae under this spring water are like a forest in the water. While watching them, we boiled some spring water and had a relaxing time while eating the sweets we brought and talking about our memories.

Another spring spot is “Amenomanai”. This is an old spring that is mentioned in the Kojiki, an ancient Japanese collection of myths and records of the Imperial Family. It is a place that is cherished by local people. Watch the fish swimming in the spring water and watch the water wheel. It’s a really nice place to take a leisurely walk. When we were walking, we felt the arrival of spring as well.

We felt the joy of having fun on a chilly day. Our relaxed conversation is one of the good memories of the trip.

I feel like we could build a very good relationship through this trip. Thank you for this day to all. We really hope to see them again.

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