Let’s Feel Japanese Culture in a Small Post Town

(Forget about busy days at a cozy garden)

Hello! I’m Natsuki, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area!
“Tomodachi” means “friend”.
I love to show people from other countries around the area where I live and that I love, and design their trip by connecting them to local residents.
Today, I’d like to share with you an experience I had guiding an American couple who love travelling.
They moved to Japan last year, and have been to San’in before, but it was their first time to visit the Yazu District.

The town of Chizu, in the southeast corner of Tottori, was once home to the largest post station of the Tottori Fiefdom.
One of the major features of this town is the Ishitani Residence, an enormous household constructed during the Edo Period. It is regarded as a superb example of Japanese architecture, and has been designated as a national Important Cultural Property.
It’s really interesting to explore the Ishitani Family Residence, since there are so many things we don’t see in modern life.

When you enter the house, you will find an old telephone box.
Please try to make a phone call! (It does not actually work though…)
Surprisingly, a music box was set up.
Look at her delighted face in the picture above!
This is the picture of when she wound the music box and gentle music played!
Her delighted face made me feel happy.

One more thing you must do when visiting the Ishitani Residence is to sit on a veranda at the Edo Zashiki and chat with your friends, like we are doing here!
If you visit it, it is better to go in the afternoon since there are not so many people at that time, and you can gaze at this cozy Japanese garden as if you have the garden to yourself.
Why don’t you come and let yourself be relaxed at the Ishitani Family Residence?

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