My Sweet home Tottori

(Tradition and Today)

Hi! I am Kazue,live in my sweet home, Tottori prefecture.

I like to go out wearing kimono on my days off even in snow season. And this time is a real winter with lots of snow! We took a stroll around Mt. Daisen today. Talking about Tottori, Mt. Daisen is a must introduction, it may be improper, but I would like to focus upon food we really enjoyed today.

‘Sanrakuso’ is ‘visitor’s lodging in a temple’ if I say. We had the shojin ryori (vegetarian cuisine) there. Stated quite simply, shojin ryori is wonderfully healthy food that has continued to evolve to be more delicious while its roots remain in the traditions that have been around since ancient times. Its vegetables and ingredients are from Mt Daisen. I deeply thankful to not only the beautiful nature of Mt. Daisen, but also the Buddhist monk who prepared seasonal wild plants for us and served elegantly and heart-warmingly. The meals were delicious and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, what a rich time we had in a Japanese room with an alcove hanging a scroll, viewing cedar trees and bright white snow from the window. Sanrakuso, it’s sure to reset both mind and body and wash the stresses of modern life away.

We were not supposed to have a plan to drop in a cafe near the last spot, it was a kind of the guests request. Seseragi restaurant serves such huge strawberry parfait! As you see the photo, its decoration was mesmerizing, outstanding and gorgeous! The lady of the cafe told us that they used only their homemade strawberries grown here. The guests would have known that the cafe had been popular through the website or so. Though I didn’t know this cafe, thank you guys to let me know the new information and I can say it’s a must visit!

In the end, I would like to tell you about Mt.Daisen’s forest in winter. You will be very surprised by the depth and amount of snow. Walking is not interesting, why don’t you go on a hike with a guide who will share stories about the period 1300 years ago when Daisen-ji Temple was created! People are reluctant to go up to winter mountain, so you could monopolize whole Mt. Daisen! You’ll never ever know unless you never ever go!

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