Time Flies When We are Having Fun!

(The wonder of Okuizumo)

Hi! I am Kazue, a Tomodachi guide in the San’in area.

Together with Aisa, who organized today’s trip, we met our guests from China at the express bus stop in Kisuki.

Before I met them, I was nervous about my poor English and about how to get along with them…..

It was a nonsense to worry, though. They were very kind and friendly. They looked happy to see me wearing a Kimono.

Actually, this is one of the reasons why I wear a Kimono when guiding; that means “Traditional hospitality is more impressive than intellectual language.”

That is a good excuse, isn’t it! But it worked! During our drive to get to the Orochi Loop, we had a ball talking about Japanese customs, traditions and their country China, etc. You know, ”girls talk”.

Aisa had to concentrate on driving, though…..

At the Orochi Loop, it is necessary to know the story of Yamata-no-Orochi, the eight-headed serpent. The loop road looked like the serpent’s coils.

I hoped they would understand my explanation that this region is also characterized by an intimate relationship between people and gods.

Not only were they able to enjoy such beautiful views, but also the guests could experience and learn about the values and spirituality of the Japanese people…..

We took some Instagram-suitable photos against the background of these mysterious spectacles anyway.

Then we continued on to visit a soba restaurant located in a secluded district, “Oni-no-shitaburui gorge”, and then to see some terraced rice paddies.

At Oni-no-shitaburui, we all enjoyed trekking beside the river and soaked into untouched rocky nature. The suspension bridge is a must see there!

The terraced rice paddies were a good choice for today’s ending.

How soothing, how tranquil you feel! This region is proud of agriculture, having come down from ancient times.

We arrived there just as the sun was setting. I won’t tell you the details, because it will spoil it for you, so you should come and visit!

We had such a good time! I would like to say thank you to everyone in the group! You made my day. And especially to Aisa, thank you for your courteous driving!

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