Welcome Back to Chizu!

(A half-day trip with an American girl who came back)

Hello there! I’m Nanako, a Tomodachi Guide in the Yazu Area of Tottori.
This time, we had a guest who joined our tour a few weeks ago.
She came back to discover more about Chizu. Welcome back!
We visited places she did not get to go last time. There was still a lot to check out.

Our first destination of the day was a guest house and café called Tanoshi.
This house used to be a hardware store, and has been renovated into a guest house. We found some great artwork inside!

We next visited the Ishitani Residence, an old Japanese mansion with a well-maintained garden.
We had a nice time chatting while sitting in front of their great garden.

A shrine on the way to the Ishitani Residence called Suwa Shrine caught my guest’s eyes, so we decided to stop by. Generally, by this time the autumn leaves season is over, but not here! We still got to see beautiful leaves in early December. We did not expect it at all!

We lastly visited Mitaki-en for lunch. She visited here last time as well, but this was her first time to try their amazing course meal.
We took our time to enjoy their hand-made meal. We talked a lot about each other, and it seemed like we have known each other for a long time.
I am glad to get to know new people through my adventures as a Tomodachi guide!

Great experiences, amazing food, and warm local people are waiting for you in Chizu!

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