Experiencing a “Walking Museum” in Omori

(Enjoying a new type of museum )

Hi my name is Shun and I’m a guide for the town of Omori in Shimane Prefecture. Today I had the opportunity to give a tour of my town to Riku and Chin with my friend Tomoko. Because it was such a nice autumnal and sunny day, we decided to take a relaxing walk of the town, all the while visiting some buildings which were part of an event called the “Walking Museum”. Instead of having the various exhibits in one room or a single building, we spread out the exhibitions across various building across the town. By design, guests get the chance to enjoy walking through the beautifully nostalgic townscape of Omori, all the while enjoying different pieces of modern art.

We first headed to the Ginzan Park, where there is a miniature model of the town of Omori and the surrounding mountains. Here I gave both Riku and Chin a quick history lesson of Omori and the surrounding region of Iwami Ginzan. Did you all know the Omori used to produce about a third of the world’s supply of silver? In the past, Omori was a very important town for the global market!

We then headed to Gungendo to look at the first exhibition of the Walking Museum. On the second floor there is a collaboration exhibit between a poet and photographer both born in the city of Oda (the city Omori is in). Some of the poems that were on display were Chinese and Riku and Chin read them to us and explained the meaning behind them as well. Apparently some of them were famous Chinese poems!

Afterwards, we headed to the Candlelight House called Mujakuan to look at the iron sculptures made by an iron sculptor who lives in this town of Omori. All the sculptures looked different and almost like little spirits you see in a Studio Ghiburi Movie! Chin and Riku were also interested in the well at the back of the house. They were having fun pumping the water from the well.

We also took the time to visit the Kumagai House where there was an exhibition all made of paper. There were these 3D paper models of the Japanese alphabet and we had fun trying to find the first letter of our names. Riku and Chin both found their letter next to each other, how lucky! It was so cool to see these modern pieces of art inside of an old samurai house!

We all had a great time walking through the town of Omori and enjoying the exhibition of the Walking Museum. I hope Riku and Chin had a unique experience visiting Omori. Even though it is an old town there is so much new and exciting things happening here!

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