Girl’s Day Trip on One Fall Day

(New experiences with friendly Thai girls )

Hi, guys! How’s it going? It’s Nanako, a Tomodachi Guide in the Yazu area!
I had a great time with cute university students from Thailand last weekend.
The leaves in Chizu have started changing colors, and it’s getting more beautiful every week!
Here are some memories of the day! Please take a look!

Our day started at Chizu Blue, where we can try indigo dyeing.
This was the students’ first time to try it, but they did a great job and made themselves nice souvenirs!
After that, we looked at Chizu Blue’s products, which you can see in the picture, while having a cup of green tea.
The girls were in love with the beautiful colors and got handmade small bags for each of them!

We had tasty lunch at a cozy café called Tanoshi. Chatting about our cultures, travel experiences, and recommended places in each other’s hometowns was so much fun and made me want to go traveling!
Let’s hope a world where we can travel abroad freely comes back soon!

After lunch, we visited the Ishitani Residence and walked around Chizu-shuku under a sunny fall sky.
One of the girls had studied Japanese history of the Edo period the day before, so it was a good experience to actually feel the Edo period here!

Lastly, we visited Mitakien. We enjoyed walking around the garden and had amazing Kinako Mochi by a fireplace!
It was the BEST Kinako Mochi for everyone, and they bought the Kinako as souvenir so they could enjoy the taste at home!

We were totally friends by the time the trip ended. This is exactly the “Tomodachi Guide” experience!
I’m hoping to visit Thailand sometime soon and see the girls there again!

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