Adachi Museum of Art

(The works of Japanese beauty)

This museum’s impressive collection includes its Modern Japanese Art Collection, with paintings by famed artists such as Yokoyama Taikan, Takeuchi Seihō, Hashimoto Kansetsu, and Uemura Shōen. There are over 120 of Yokoyama Taikan’s paintings, making it the greatest collection of his works in Japan in terms of both quality and quantity.

There are also a wide variety of contemporary Japanese paintings and pottery from masters such as Kitaōji Rosanjin. The Japanese gardens on the museum grounds are particularly famous and are annually ranked as Japan’s top Japanese garden in The Journal of Japanese Gardening, a US magazine that focuses on Japanese gardens. Also, the Michelin Green Guide Japan has awarded Adachi’s gardens three stars, its best rating, making it the only three-star ranked site in the San’in area. A visit to the Adachi Museum of Art will give you a glimpse into Japanese art sensibilities, from both highly-detailed artworks to the large-scale natural beauty of the gardens.

Basic Information

320 Furukawachō Yasugi-shi, Shimane-ken 692-0064

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  • Car

    26 min by car from Yonago station
    by approx 26 min

  • Train

    To Yasugi station from Yonago station
    JPY 200
    by approx 9 min

  • Bus

    To Adachi museum of art from Yasugi station
    by approx 20 min