Aka Gawara

(The Kurayoshi Townscape)

In central Kurayoshi, there are many white-wall storehouses built during the Edo and Meiji Periods (17th century to early 20th century) still standing, and they help bring the atmosphere of that time to life.

The stone bridge and red roof tiles here stand out against those white mortar walls, giving the area a unique, retro appeal. Some of these white-walled building used to house sake or soy sauce breweries, and many of them have found new life as souvenir shops, cafes, and art galleries. Kurayoshi is also home to a traditional craft known as Kurayoshi kasuri, fabrics woven with fibers dyed to create images when completed. These fabrics have been woven in Kurayoshi since the Edo Period. There are even opportunities for visitors to this part of the city to try on kimono made from those fabrics and enjoy a leisurely stroll through town.

Basic Information

2568 Uomachi Kurayoshi-shi, Tottori-ken 682-0821

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  • Car

    From Kurayoshi station to Akakawara Shirakabedozo
    by approx 12 min

  • Train

    No nearby train station

  • Bus

    To Akakawara Shirakabedozo Bus Stop from Kurayoshi station Bus Stop
    by approx 12 min