(The Townscape of Hagi)

The castle town area of Hagi is laid out in a grid-like structure, and the samurai houses that line the streets bring the atmosphere of those samurai times to life, making you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

It is a wonderful area for enjoying a casual walk around or for cycling. Known for being a city of waterways, boat tours that take guests around the city’s various sightseeing spots are quite popular. As it is located on the coast, Hagi is also famed for its delicious seafood, and local delicacies such as pufferfish and sea urchins can be enjoyed fresh from the sea. As a memento of a visit to Hagi, it is popular among tourists to make some of the famed Hagi pottery or try their hand at Hagi glassblowing.

Basic Information

Hagi City Tourism Association
3537-3 Tsubaki Tsubaki Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture 758-0061

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