Iwami Ginzan

(Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and Ōmori Town)

The ruins of the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, located in Ōmori Town in Ōda City, were designated as a World Heritage Site in 2007. At the height of its silver production from the late 16th century to the early 18th century, Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine helped produce nearly one-third of the world’s silver. Operations of the mine being carried out in coexistence with the natural environment, rather than destroying it, is a particularly valuable characteristic of this site and a major reason for its designation.

After its selection as a World Heritage Site, the area did not shift to tourism; instead, the everyday lives of the residents continue as they always have in an area that preserves an Edo Period townscape. A unique mountain village standard of economic development not being the only path to happiness prospers here, and the lifestyle is one of a more traditional time. That lifestyle has an appeal that continues to draw people from other areas of the country to live here, and now Ōmori Town is attracting attention, not only in Japan but from around the world, as a model town for sustainable development.

Basic Information

イ826 Ōmorichō Ōda-shi, Shimane-ken 694-0305

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  • Car

    90 min by car from Matsue station
    by approx 90 min

  • Train

    To Odashi station from Matsue station
    JPY 2,640
    by approx 50 min

  • Bus

    To Omori Bus Stop from Odachieki Bus Stop
    JPY 670
    by approx 19 min