Miho Shrine

(The traditional ritual)

Miho Shrine is a historic shrine located on the eastern edge of the Shimane Peninsula, dedicated to Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto and Kotoshironushi-no-kami, a wife and son of Ōkuninushi-no-ōkami (the deity enshrined in Izumo Taisha). Kotoshironushi-no-kami is also widely known as Ebisu, and is worshipped as the deity of safe sea travel, bountiful catches of fish, good fortune in business, and song and dance entertainment.

The asamike ritual of making morning offerings of food to the enshrined deities is carried out, without fail, every day of the year. It includes a special performance of kagura music and mikomai (a dance performed by shrine maidens). Two major festivals at Miho Shrine, Aofushigaki Shinji (every April 7th) and Morotabune Shinji (every December 3rd) trace their origins back to Japanese mythology. Also, the Mihonoseki Lighthouse, located on the very tip of the peninsula, offers up a magnificent view of the Sea of Japan, and on clear days you can see all the way out to the Oki Islands.

Basic Information

608 Mihonosekichō Mihonoseki Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken 690-1501

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