(Relaxing in nature)

Mitaki-en is a forest park area in Ashizu, Chizu Town. The garden makes use of the natural features of the forest to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can escape your everyday cares. As you sit in a house built in the traditional Japanese style with a thatched roof and exposed ceiling beams, time seems to pass more slowly.

Here, you can enjoy traditional mountain vegetable cuisine and the sounds of nature around you, including the bubbling creek that flows nearby. A walk through the surrounding forest and its rich natural environment can be just the therapeutic healing that you need. Mitaki-en is closed during the winter months, from the beginning of December until the end of March.

Basic Information

707 Ashizu, Chizu, Yazu District, Tottori Prefecture 689-1412

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  • Car

    From Tottori station to Mitakien
    by approx 50 min

  • Train

    From Tottori station to Chizu Station(the closest station from Mitakien)
    by approx 30 min

  • Bus

    From Chizu station to Mitakien
    by approx 35 min