(Okishima / Ushitsuki)

Okinoshima are a group of islands located about 80 kilometers off the coast of San’in, in the Sea of Japan. There are four main islands that people call home: the three islands of Chiburi, Nishinoshima, and Nakanoshima that are known as Dōzen; and Dōgō, the largest island and the one furthest from the mainland.

The unique ecosystem and gorgeous natural scenery draw many visitors to the islands. With its sheer cliffs and rocky coastlines worn into distinctive features by the wind and waves, you can experience the types of views that can no longer be found on the mainland. One unique Oki tradition that can still be seen on Dōgō is that of ushitsuki. It is a type of bullfighting where two bulls fight each other. It is said to have originated almost 800 years ago, when Emperor Gotoba was banished to these islands, and the local residents started it in an effort to cheer him up.

Basic Information

Menukinoyon-54-3 Nakamachi Okinoshima-chō, Oki-gun, Shimane-ken 685-0013

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  • Car

    From Oki Island Global Geopark Airport to Oki to Okinoshima town tourism accociation
    by approx 10 min

  • Train

    No train rail in Okinoshima island.

  • Bus

    No nearby bus stop