Taikodani Inari Jinja

(Taikodani Inari Shrine)

Counted among one of the five largest Inari shrines in Japan, Taikodani Inari Shrine in Tsuwano is a known as a shrine for good luck, driving away evil, and good fortune in business. During the New Year, tens of thousands of worshippers crowd the grounds of the shrine, having come here to make their first shrine visit of the year.

The path up to the shrine is lined with 1,000 vermillion shrine gates, and when viewed from a distance, the color stands out against the hillside in a brilliant display. The elevated viewpoint from the shrine grounds makes the view of the Tsuwano townscape look much like a miniature garden. It is a tradition at the shrine that when you make a prayer request, you offer up oage (thin deep-fried slices of tofu) and candles with your prayer. This is because oage is said to be a favorite snack of foxes, which are considered to be divine servants of the deity enshrined in Inari shrines around Japan.

Basic Information

409 Ushiroda Tsuwano-chō, Kanoashi-gun, Shimane-ken 699-5605

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  • Car

    60 min by car from Yamaguchi station
    by approx 60min

  • Train

    To Tsuwano station from Yamaguchi station
    by approx 48min

  • Bus

    No nearby bus station