Takyo Abeke & Tadaima Katoke

(Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Accommodations)

Here, your stay will feel like you’ve gone back to your hometown, and the experience will be much like living at your family home. Takyo Abeke is a samurai home built 230 years ago that was the home to a local official for the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. For over ten years, renovation work has been done on the house to make it a comfortable place for guests to experience real countryside living in Japan.

Dinner’s main dish is rice balls made from rice cooked with a kamado, a traditional Japanese wood stove, and you eat together with the owner of the house. Tadaima Katoke is a former samurai residence where guests rent the entire house, and the kitchen is available for use. Think of it as a place to enjoy just “being”, and enjoy your stay there with your family or that special someone.

Basic Information

ハ 159-1 Ōmorichō Ōda-shi, Shimane-ken 694-0305

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  • Car

    100 min by car from Hagi-Iwami airport
    by approx 100 min

  • Train

    To Oodashi station from Hagi Iwami Airport
    JPY 3,500
    by approx 15 min

  • Bus

    To Shinmachi Bus Stop from Odashieki Bus Stop
    JPY 670
    by Oomori Line
    approx 30min