(Tsuwano’s Tonomachi Street)

Known as “the little Kyoto of San’in”, Tsuwano is famous as a former castle town. Within the Tonomachi area of Tsuwano, the oldest remnants of that castle town atmosphere can still be found. Numerous historical sites, including the former domain school, the former administrative offices, the main entrance to the former house of the chief retainer to the Tsuwano Domain, and a Catholic church, are all located along the Tonomachi Street.

The waterways alongside the street are filled with colorful carp, and in early summer, the white and purple irises are in full bloom and add an extra dash of color to an already vibrant townscape. Tonomachi Street also connects to Yasaka Shrine and the path to Taikodani Inari Shrine, and the shops lining the street offer something for any visitor, including restaurants specializing in local cuisine, stylish cafes, and local souvenir shops. Tonomachi Street provides guests an opportunity to get a taste of what Japan of an older era was like.

Basic Information

Ushiroda, Tsuwano, Kanoashi District, Shimane Prefecture 699-5605

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  • Car

    60 min by car from from Yamaguchi station
    by approx 60min

  • Train

    To Tsuwano station from Yamaguchi station
    JPY 2,470
    by Super Oki 5 Express
    approx 47min

  • Bus

    To Tsuwano Ekimae Bus stop from Hagi Iwami airport
    JPY 1,220
    by approx 86 min