(Accommodations at Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine)

Far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, Yuzuriha provides lodging near the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine, in the town of Omori in Oda City. Yuzuriha perfectly fits the atmosphere of the traditional townscape of this World Heritage Site, giving you a place to unwind during your stay. Built on the site of a former samurai house, Yuzuriha’s wooden construction creates a unique, relaxing warmth.

The meals here use local San’in ingredients that change with the seasons, giving you a chance to get a taste of local cuisine. Also, you can enjoy some authentic German-style bread baked at Bäckerei Konditorei Hidaka, a german-style bakery operated a certified master baker.

Basic Information

ニ 3-1 Ōmorichō Ōda-shi, Shimane-ken 694-0305

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  • Car

    32 min by car from Hagi-Iwami airport
    by approx 100 min

  • Train

    Hagi station from Hagi-Iwami airport
    JPY 1,480
    by approx 140 min

  • Bus

    To Hagi station from Yamaguchi station
    JPY 1,760
    by approx 70 min