Momiji Hunting at the Itohara Memorial

(A colorful day with a lovely couple )


This is Nagisa, a Tomodachi guide in the San’in area.

“Tomodachi” means “friend”. I enjoy showing you around my lovely hometown as a friend and helping you have wonderful time here! It is my pleasure to let you know the very best of Okuizumo!

Last Saturday, I met a lovely couple from China. They were visiting Okuizumo for the first time, and were keen to know about its local food and beautiful scenery.

For lunch, we went to the Ooe no Sato residence and made rice balls together!
The rice we used is called “Nita rice”, and it is Okuizumo’s specialty.
Nita rice has natural sweetness and stickiness, along with its glazed look.

Look at her smiling with all the rice balls she made!
She enjoys cooking as a hobby and makes bento boxes for both her and her boyfriend every day.

It’s so impressive!!


We had a fun lunch time with Mr. and Mrs. Wakuri, the hosts of Ooe no Sato.
Thank you so much!

Then we went to see Momiji (maple leaves) at the Itohara Memorial.


I am really glad we decided to go there, because the Momiji’s colors were very stunning.
It was the BEST timing!

It was raining in the morning, and the rain drops still remained on the leaves, which made them more beautiful.

I am also glad they were able to enjoy a little date together.

They are students and usually are very busy studying and working.
I hope they relaxed a little bit and spent a sweet time away from their hectic life for a little while.

Okuizumo has a lot of lovely spots suited for dates.
You can spend a special time here, surrounded by beautiful nature, without any stress.

This is my favorite snap from the day!
All the leaves are perfectly placed in a small pond.

She found this lovely spot and let us know about it.
Thank you!!

Even though we (Aisa and I) were a little bit like third-wheels that day (haha), we shared so many laughs and chats and spent a memorable time together.

We talked about gaming, cooking, cultural differences, etc., and I got to know a lot of interesting things. I wish I could have talked with them a little bit longer.

Thanks to them, China is now a country at the top of my go-to list!

I cannot wait to visit Sichuan in China and try all the Chinese foods she recommended!!

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