Spiritual Japan in Tottori

(Awesome dishes and a mysterious atmosphere)

Hi‼ My name is Rodger Hiro. I’m one of the guides in the San’in area.
From now, I want to talk about Mitaki-en, one of my favorite restaurants in the Yazu area.This place is so great. Let’s check it out!!

How do you feel when you look at these pictures? Like you’re in the forest? In a Ghibli animated film? Or in a ghost town?
This place is a restaurant which you can eat dishes made from wild plants. And surprisingly, all things in this restaurant are ARTIFICIAL!! The moss, the river and waterfall…all things here have been artificially designed.

The most surprising point is how well nature and the artificial items are matched in this situation. You may feel a relaxing and exciting atmosphere like you were in a Ghibli animation. Definitely, I would like you to feel this wonderful atmosphere for yourself.

Please check out this plate!! These are the dishes served at Mitaki-en. At lunch time, you can eat Sansai (wild plants) dishes. If you eat only products which pull out the potential of products from nature, you will absolutely feel a closer connection to nature. Sam (my guest) said this meal was tasty. It was his first time to eat wild plants, but he was able to feel Japan through this meal of natural products.

While we were waiting for our meals to come, we talked about a lot of things. Especially, I had so much fun talking about cultures in Canada, Japan, Taiwan, and USA. (Sometimes, chickens interrupted our conversation. Hahaha.)
In this cozy atmosphere, we felt each other’s cultures and reasons for coming to Japan and going abroad like friends. For the first time, I could notice we were able to be friends in our trip.

Traditional nature and current artifacts are mixed in this restaurant. If you have chance to come to the Yazu area in the future, you can feel a mysterious sensation like being in a Ghibli animation or Alice in Wonderland. In my opinion, if you want to experience something rare and unique, Mitaki-en would be a great choice for a place to visit.

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