A Day Trip in Genuine Local Life

(An amazing day full of excitement)

There is less than a month until New Year’s Day! Time goes by so fast!
How are you doing? I’m Nanako, a Tomodachi Guide in the Yazu Area of Tottori!
In this tour, we interacted with local people the most! Our guests made many friends here in Chizu. I will share some of our memories.

We first visited Tanoshi, a guest house and restaurant in Chizu. The house is 130 years old and was renovated with some old pieces of the house. The owner of the place, the lady in the middle of the picture, showed us around the old house and told us many stories about it, along with her thoughts and other things.

We also visited the Ishitani Residence, a house of the biggest family in this area in the Edo period, and on the way, we had nice chat with local people we met by chance.
You can see how open and friendly local people here are!

After visiting the Ishitani Residence, we stopped at Talmary, a bakery, for drinks and a bite to eat. We talked a lot with each other, and I had so much fun getting to know the guests! It’s always one of my favorite parts.

Our lunch was at a sansai (mountain vegetables) restaurant called Mitakien.
The guests were completely amazed by everything there!
We enjoyed their garden, the lunch, and meeting the owner! The owner of the place welcomed us so warmly, and we had a great relaxing time just for us.

I have visited these places several times with different guests, but I find new charms of Chizu each time. I am so grateful to have guests here in Chizu and discover it with them!

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