A Fall Trip with a Best Friend

(Becoming friends on a trip)

I’m Aisa, a Tomodachi Guide in the San’in area!
“Tomodachi” means “friend”.
I love to show Tomodachi the charm of my favorite local town.


Today, I’d like to share with you an experience I had guiding an Indonesian girl.
She said, “I feel like I found my best friend”, although we had just met at that time.

The weather wasn’t very good on this day, but it will be a fun memory wherever you go if you go on a trip with your friends! I realized that during this trip.

Luckily, it wasn’t raining, so we went to Oni-no-Shitaburui Gorge.
While walking in that natural setting, we talked about private things and the culture of Indonesia, and then we opened up to each other.

I love Japanese tea, so when I took our guests to Oni-no-Shitaburui Gorge, I held a mini tea ceremony there. Fortunately, she liked it! And she said, “This is the most delicious Japanese tea I have ever had!” She was very kind. I was really happy to hear that.
In return for the tea, she gave us Indonesian keychains. I put my house key on it, and every time I see that key chain, I remember our trip with her.

Speaking of key chains, she was collecting local keychains while traveling, so we went to two souvenir shops to look for some.

When we were looking at the keychains, suddenly a little boy told us about his recommended keychains. We were surprised a little bit, but he was really kind and cute…!

After that we visited Ooe-no-Sato residence, and interacted with Takeshi-san and Naoko-san.
Look at the photo! Everyone looks like a family with those good smiles.

If you want to enjoy a local trip with friends, why don’t you come to Okuizumo?

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