Cyclling in Nature at the Foot of Mt. Daisen

(Daisen, Tottori)

Mt. Daisen has an altitude of 1729 meters, and while very different from the volcanic volcano, it is called the Mt. Fuji of the West. With a large circular summit of about 840 meters high with a steep 30° inclination near the top, Mt. Daisen is comprised of ancient stratovolcanoes and newer eruptions. The south and north sides of the mountain consist of cliffs that were formed due to later small explosions and severe erosion in those areas. These depict and show a steep mountain and are in contrast to the inclined western landscape and side.

At Northern foot of Mt. Daisen lies an untouched piece of nature that consists of vast grasslands and rural landscapes that has remained throughout time. You can enjoy downhill cycling in this special place, where you can enjoy the bike ride with all your senses in this non-commercialized and non-tourist filled area. Since the journey is mainly downhill, you do not need a lot of energy to ride, and you can enjoy the ride. The only condition is that you need to be able to ride a bicycle. Since this is a leisure bicycle ride, you can fully enjoy and experience the surrounding scenery as you descend the mountain and into the beautiful nature.

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Depending on the course you take, you may be able to stop at hidden local stops such as a yogurt factory, a Japanese-style farm, and even a local handcraft school, which was formerly an old elementary school. You can enjoy interacting with and enjoying your time with locals during this tour! Only an hour by car from Yonago Airport, you can enjoy the vast greenery and great scenery in this area. Be sure to explore and experience the beautiful nature of Mt. Daisen when you visit San’in!

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