The Story Behind Flavor Crabs of San’In

( Sakaiminato)

Sakaiminato is located in the center of San’in and is considered to be one of the best spots for catching crabs. The crabs found in the San’in region do not have as strong of a smell and flavor as other crabs. Instead, they possess a high-quality sweetness and a rich flavor. Although the crabs that are laid out on the tables are a winter special, the window for harvesting them is very narrow. Due to this short harvesting season, the fishermen do not return to port once they head out to hunt for crabs. Instead, they brave the harsh weather and storms and continue to harvest crabs.

The feelings that mothers have while sending their sons into such dangerous conditions are complicated. Ikeda-san, who works at a restaurant in Sakaiminato called Kaigan, has a son who works as a crab fisherman in the area. However, although she may have such feelings, with a bright smile, she boldly states, “You don’t know what happens in life, but having only negative thoughts creates a chain of negative thoughts, which continues in a circle. Always be cheerful with a smile. Our cheerfulness and smiles will rub off on the customers, and they will feel happy as well.”

Whenever a customer steps into the restaurant, Ikeda-san wishes that they enjoy eating the delicious crabs which the crab fishermen risk their lives catching. In addition to Japanese customers, using her basic English and humor, she happily teaches foreign tourists how to eat the crabs.

Let’s fully enjoy eating the delicious crab, while experiencing the warmth of the locals in Sakiminato.

To take part in a tour where you can catch a glimpse of the Sakaiminato crab fishermen’s enthusiasm and passion, please visit the following website:

Sakaiminato Fisheries Development Association

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