Secret Place in San’in

(From the first experience in Chizu)

Hi‼ My name is Rodger Hiro. I’m one of the guides in the San’in Area.
I want to talk about the charming points of this area that I noticed when I was a guide for a Chinese and Japanese couple in Chizu.
Actually, it was my first time to visit the Yazu District, but it was so amazing.
Let’s check it out!!

These pictures are of scenes at “Mitaki-en”. This place provides a relaxing atmosphere
(it looks like the world of a Ghibli film, right?) and delicious food, and opportunities for communication with the staff.
Especially, this powerful woman (left side) can speak English.
You can enjoy a funny time there without worrying about problems of language.

Of course, all the dishes are so wonderful and so photogenic, but I especially want to talk about the taste of the dishes. They all are made from wild plants, and they are so delicious and healthy.
Especially, the tempura is masterpiece for me. The guests I guided also looked very happy.
If you come to Tottori Prefecture, let’s try the cozy atmosphere and wonderful dishes here!!

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